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Training with Jina Stritzke

Foundation training prepares your horse for a confidence in his handler.  He will tie and lead quietly and with respect.  The horse will learn to load in the trailer willingly, have his feet handled and be prepared for a lifetime of riding. 

Our Horse Training program includes having the horse comfortable crossing bridges, water and mattresses.  He will also be familiar with banks, cones, our “car wash”, gravel filled tires to stand on and other toys in our playpen. 

In 3 weeks we expect the average horse to be saddles and mounted.  By 6 weeks the owner should be able to go on a baby trail ride up in the hills. 

A first time student with his/her own horse must have a private 2 hour lesson which includes groundwork and bodywork.

1 hr private lessons | 2 hr semi private (2 riders) | 3 hr group (3-6 riders)

Horses are available to rent for lessons @ $20 per lesson

1 day clinics -1 private lesson on ground work 2 hrs of time and body work on the first day

4 day clinics - Clinics specifically for mothers & daughters, for children & for the guys are still in the planning.  Call for details (509) 276-6345

Fun Days - Unstructured rides with the instructors. This makes help available while riding, playing games on horseback, swimming on horseback, trail riding, working cows, using the playpen - 2 hrs.
Usually planned, call for ride times. (509) 276-6345

For Scheduling & Booking Details, Please Call Sally (509) 276-6345

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