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Boarding Facilities For Your Horse

PASTURE: Because our goal is to do what is best for the horse, we provide a boarding facility that simulates a horse's natural environment. This includes giving each horse a large pasture (1-5) acres and matching him with a buddy if possible.

TACK ROOMS: Two cedar lined tack rooms are provided to ensure you have enough space for equipment.

GROOMING AREA: An open barn area for grooming and saddling is available.

STALLS: As stalls provide an unnatural environment for horses, we only provide them for use before shows and other important events or under a veterinarians directions.

HERD PASTURE: We have a 20 acre pasture with shelter, trees and a creek. This is reserved for horses on similar diets and personalities. Learning opportunities in creek crossing, trail blazing and herd hierarchy abound...helping us train our horses. This is BY FAR the most natural way for a horse to live!

Sometimes it is a long walk to catch your horse! Enjoy it! You'll see lots of wildlife.

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