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We have a close knit group of experienced instructors who all work together and even learn from each other. Our instructors' goals are based around helping the horse and handler understand each other.

Regina Ahern -Well known Pony Club and 4-H instructor in the area. A wonderful teacher of all ages and all abilities. $35 per hour

Dale Wells - An international Grand Prix Dressage competitor now spending her time teaching clinics and lessons throughout the Northwest. She comes to NWT on a regular basis. Lessons are by appointment. $70 per hour

Mike Miller - Been roping for several years now. A frequent competitor throughout the area and loves to teach!
$35 per hour

Natural Horsemanship
Jina Stritzke - She is all for the horse! Her uncanny understanding of the horse makes her our greatest problem solver. She also teaches and practices Reining.

Sally Shepard - Owner of Northwest Trails. A true student herself with a love of learning and the humility to be always open to new principles. A very gentle instructor whose teaching style is no-nonsense, straight-forward and fair .

Steve Rother - An internationally known clinician of Natural Horsemanship. Visits Northwest Trails annually for clinics that everyone can learn from!

Basic Horsemanship/Youth
Trisha Dotts - A rider/trainer all her life and now a State Certified Judge. Wonderful gift of teaching young riders, with a very practical and objective approach. $35 per hour

Melynnda Pedersen - From Endurance Riding to Pony Club to College Rodeo, she has a wide range of riding experience. A long time student of dressage who teaches basic principles to get any rider a good start in any discipline. $35 per hour

Our instructor's goals are based around helping the horse and handler understand each other.

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